BAME Voices



We are a not for profit organasition with a proven track record of getting deep into hard to reach communities (predominantly in areas of health and wellbeing), BAME Voices helps others build solid and measurable delivery platforms that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Over the years we have worked effectively alongside a large network of community based organisations, of different sizes, as well as a range of faith organisations across Yorkshire. Our attitude of appreciating the vital role that all these organisations provide and the many challenges they face is what helps BAME Voices communicate and successfully engage with different sections of the community, to bring about

real and positive change.

We are here to help any organisation develop links into minority and BAME communities to deliver projects for the betterment of local people.

The principals can be  rolled out across any town or city with (often self-segregating) BAME communities or recent migrants.

(Black Asian Minority Ethnic)

  • Poverty

  • Cancer

  • Dementia

  • Mental & Physical Health

  • Inclusion, diversity and equality

  • Care for All

  • Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity

  • Social Prescribing 

Minority Community Engagement Specialists